May thine horn be filled

Asgers Dark Roast Empowerment

Lo! Mine enemies are many. Their throngs assaileth me by day, their armies besiege me by night. Friends are scarce. Brothers yet scarcer. Shall I retreat? Shall I fear? Shall I despair? Nay! I shall venture forth, battle-borne and Valhalla-bound! I, Asger The Arcane, feareth neither man nor beast! I balk from neither living nor dead! Nay, not even Thor himself would deny me my victory! I shall taketh up mine chalice with mine sword. The blackness of the dark-roasted elixir will propel me! Now bring me thine enemy!



I am Asger The Arcane. Drinketh ye Bring Me Thine Enemy Coffee. Henceforth, go ye hard!