May thine horn be filled
Best Dark Roast Coffee,, Bring Me Thine Enemy

Bring Me Thine Enemy

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Come forth and click upon this artifact known as a hyperlink to unleash the beast from within you!  Our coffee beans are Tarrazu from a single Costa Rican farm.  With every flavorful rich sip from thine chalice, a sense of adventure and epic badassery will take charge and lead you through thine day of adulting! Buy our dark roast coffee in dark roast whole bean, dark roast coarse, dark roast medium course, dark roast standard, dark roast fine and dark roast espresso! You can can get it in light roast and medium roast too if ya want.  We just highly recommend the dark roast!

These beans are from the Tarrazu coffee region of Costa Rica, and beans are AAA or better. Cheap store bought coffee is often grade AA or less. There's a huge difference in flavor, try some yourself and see.